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I'm a big fan of "iPad Today," a netcast from the TWiT Network.  I submitted a little video, and they used it on the show.  So... I have that going for me.  Here's the video of the show (if you want to skip to the part where they play my video, hit this link to YouTube).   And yes, I suppose this makes me a real TWiT. 




Fun Stuff - the iCade

What started out as an April Fool's Joke is now a real product - ThinkGeek has released the iCade for the iPad. Apparently, the iPad slides into the little cabinet and connects via Bluetooth.  The iCade was designed to work with "Atari's 100 Greatest Hits," a new app that includes games such as Asteroids, Moon Lander, and PONG. Get yours today!  And no, I haven't ordered one.  Yet. 


Barbara's iPad

Here is Barbara with her pink and white iPad, a birthday gift from my Dad!

Switched to Squarespace

After much research, I have decided to switch the website over to Squarespace.  Building and publishing a website in iWeb was easy, but Squarespace is so much easier, and the results look more professional.  It's usually easy to spot a website made with iWeb... there are only a few templates, and not much variation.  With Squarespace, though, I found that it was simple to create a unique, professional-looking website in a minimal amount of time.  

Because I was not thrilled with iWeb's blogging capability, I kept my blog in "Blogger," which is part of Google.  That meant that I had to log into a separate website to work on the blog.  That wasn't very conducive to work, and so the blog suffered from lack of updates.  With Squarespace, the blog is a part of the website, and can be updated at the same time that I'm updating other parts of the website.  In addition to that, Squarespace has iPhone and iPad apps that make updating the blog a total breeze. 

Additionally, because the website can be edited directly in the web browser (Safari, in my case), I can make changes to the structure of the website from virtually anywhere.  This is far better than iWeb, which was tied to an app on a Mac.  While I did have the files for iWeb on Dropbox, it was not an ideal situation.  Also, it took longer to make a single change to a web page in iWeb than it takes to make a substantial change in Squarespace.  

So far, I'm very happy with Squarespace, and I'd recommend it.  I am only sorry that it took me this long to make the change. 


New Wardrobe

With the impending release of the iPad (in approximately 43 days), I'm starting to realize that I'm probably going to want to carry the device everywhere I go. I can already do this with the iPhone because it fits easily inside a pocket. When I'm at work, I usually have it in my shirt pocket, and if I'm not wearing a shirt that has pockets, I can usually find a place to put it. But the iPad is a bit bigger than the iPhone, and I was beginning to worry about how I would carry it around with me all the time. Fortunately, I found a fantastic solution. Functionality and style... a winning combination.