Newsday: Jinx Much?

I can't tell if Newsday is happy or unhappy about this.  Click on the picture to go to the article. 

Also: this isn't counting the 10 bodies found (so far) on the south shore. 


Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant? Really, Gizmodo?

Hey, Gizmodo - the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant never opened.

Also... nice map and all, but Shoreham isn't where you say it is. Just an FYI.

Update: The map has been updated and the Shoreham reference has been removed. But darn it, the Millstone Power Plant has been added... so most of us are still screwed: 



Barbara's iPad

Here is Barbara with her pink and white iPad, a birthday gift from my Dad!

Van Halen Par Cans

Sometimes I really like the internet.  Today I was looking through some of my things and pulled out my old Van Halen "1984" album... the vinyl album (as an aside, 1984 is one of the few records I have in vinyl, cassette, CD and digital formats).  Anyway, I pulled out the record and was reminded of a mystery that has haunted me for over 26 years.  This is a photo from the sleeve: 

And I never understood what they were.  Ashtrays at the factory? The tops of trash cans?  An assembly line of R2-D2s?  Well, today I decided to look it up and found out that they are "par cans," part of the lighting rig for a rock concert.   Here they are in an assembled rig: 

Mystery solved... thanks, internet! 


Coolest kid ever!

Madeline likes two things: sunglasses and fast cars! Update: Video!

And Photos!